Certification and Standards

Rocky Support Services is certified by Alberta Community Disability Services (ACDS) under their Creating Excellence Together (CET) Standards and is fully compliant with Alberta Health’s Accommodation Standards.


The government of Alberta through Disability Services provides approximately 95% of the funding.  The balance is generated through rental income and donations from a generous community.

Rocky Support Services has approximately 65 full and part time staff


During the time that my sister Joan lived on her own, COPE was like a big security blanket . The organization provided enough assistance without taking over. It gave my mother and I the knowledge that Joan had someone to go to for help without having to always call on us. In this way and through other programs that COPE initiated, Joan’s self worth was strengthened and she became a more confident person in her everyday interactions with people.

COPE also gave Mom and I a chance to breath knowing that if things went wrong and we weren’t around, someone had Joan’s back and could provide the help she needed. We were both grateful for the assistance the COPE organization and hope it will available to people in the future.

Thank you

Nancy Boorman

The Town of Rocky Mountain House is thankful to have Rocky Support Services in our community for over 30 years.

This caring and committed organization provides exceptional care and assistance to adults with disabilities, allowing them to live fully and as independently as possible.

Our community is stronger by having Rocky Support Services as a valuable resource for our region.

Thankyou for your dedication and contribution

Tammy BurkeMayor of the Town of Rocky Mountain House