History of Rocky Support Services

Originally founded as COPE Rocky Mountain House Society for Persons with Disabilities, the agency was renamed Rocky Support Services in 2014 to reflect the progress and success that people with disabilities have achieved in participating in every day “life activities” in their communities. 

The agency became a Registered Society in February 1977 and a Basic Job Readiness Training (BJRT) began.   Over the years clients gained experience and became more actively involved in the community as they were supported and contracted, within a sheltered vocational program, to provide services to the community such as building pallets for Limeco Products Ltd., running concession stands at the Rocky arena and Crimson Lake, Alberta, having a recycling contract with the Rocky Mountain Regional Solid Waste Authority as well as running their own store within the Town of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.

As society recognized people with disabilities’ right to work within the community, the sheltered workshop was closed and a new program launched to help clients find employment with local businesses. Rocky Support Services presently operates an active employment program supporting individuals in jobs of their choosing.

Agency clients have also been energetic volunteers within the community.  Volunteering offers an excellent opportunity to be active in the community, build new relationships and give back to the community as much as the community has given them.

As society began to recognize the right of people with disabilities to live in the community, outside of institutions, Rocky Support Services facilitated community living by opening two group homes called Rocky I and Rocky II. The agency now owns and rents 7 affordable housing properties. Most of them provide 24 hour supported living but some offer apartment space with limited support as the person may require.  Group home space is largely provided in a 3 person model taking into account each person’s age, interests and compatibilities.

Today a Community Engagement Program provides support to each client to participate in events and activities of interest to them and promotes socialization.