Mission and Vision

Rocky Support Services is ever evolving so that people with disabilities are able to maximize their potential and involvement in community life.  We are driven by our Mission so that ultimately…..

Everyone is welcome in their community and able to experience a satisfying life through family relationships, friendships, meaningful work and play.

And our Vision of ……..

Providing services to individuals with disabilities to achieve their potential and contribute to the social and economic vibrancy of their communities.

In order to achieve our objectives we adhere to the following Values and Principles.

Dignity and Respect:  We foster individual respect, understanding and dignity by communicating openly, honestly and with courtesy.

Integrity:  We make decisions with objectivity, maintain confidentiality and act in a professional manner.

Accountability:  We are accountable for the quality and accessibility of the services we provide and for the resources we are provided to deliver the services.

Partnership:  We work cooperatively with our colleagues and community partners to support the inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of community life.

Excellence:  We strive to achieve excellence in all that we do; the quality of our services; and the relationships that form the foundation to achieve individual and organizational goals.

Certification and Standards

Rocky Support Services is certified by Alberta Community Disability Services (ACDS) under their Creating Excellence Together (CET) Standards and is fully compliant with Alberta Health’s Accommodation Standards.


In fiscal 2017 - 2018 the agency’s operating budget for support services and affordable housing is projected to be $4.0M.  The government of Alberta through Human Services provides approximately 95% of the funding.  The balance is generated through rental income, our annual Charity Golf Tournament grants and donations from a generous community.

Rocky Support Services has approximately 65 full and part time staff

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